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The National Registry for Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowances is an electronic database which ensures the public availability and permanent update of the ownership and control of emission allowances. The Registry is a tool for the accurate accountancy of allowances, following the trail of the issue, ownership, transmission and cancellation of the emission allowances and the units as defined within the Kyoto Protocol.

The National Registry is assigned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food & Environment, through the Spanish Office of Climate Change, and its management was designated to Iberclear by the Government on 19th November 2004, starting its activity on 20th June 2005. The management of the Registry is carried out according to the terms and conditions established in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the European Commission´s Regulation for a standardised and secured system of registries as foreseen in the aforementioned Protocol, and the Spanish Law 1/2005 of the 9th March which regulates the commerce of GHG emission allowances and other applicable regulations.

One of the commitments and objectives in the management of the Registry is to provide the necessary technical and human resources in order to facilitate the industrial installations comply with their annual obligation to surrender allowances to the State up to an amount equivalent to their CO2 emissions to the atmosphere during the preceding year. Moreover, the additional collaboration between the Registry and the Regional Governments, on their capacity as verifier institutions of the before mentioned CO2 emissions, as well as the personalized attention given to the authorized representatives of the installations through the Service Desk provided by Iberclear, has allowed Spain to achieve its annual targets of commitment to date.

A complex process of migration from each National Registry to a Single Union Registry managed by the European Commission took place at the end of June 2012, within which Iberclear continues with its role of Administrator of the Spanish Section of the Union Registry for Emissions Trading, keeping a close collaboration with the Spanish Office of Climate Change, the Regional Governments and our 2,000 users of the Registry, as authorized representatives of the 1,100 opened accounts, both installations, aircraft operators and personal / legal holding accounts. This Registry is permanently accessible to account holders via the Internet through a private area with restricted access.




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