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In order to make settlement more efficient and secure, IBERCLEAR uses technology solutions that increase the level of automation of procedures and the degree of interconnection with entities.

ARCO platform:

In the ARCO platform, all information flows between the governing bodies of stock exchanges, participants, securities issuers and IBERCLEAR in relation to securities listed on stock exchanges, the MAB and the Latibex are electronic. A connection to the IBERCLEAR system is required to participate in settlement. The four stock exchange governing bodies are connected to one another and ensure access to IBERCLEAR for entities connected to them.

In the ARCO and CADE platforms, information is exchanged between IBERCLEAR and external network users though either file transfers or real-time communication systems. In the former, three widely used products in the Spanish market have been certified: Editran, sFTP and SWIFNet FileAct, software products that are available in multiple hardware platforms and operating systems. Real time systems involve use of host-to-host and client-to-server connections. To effect real-time communications using a host-to-host connection, entities may use messages following ISO 15022 standards, or transfer messages through the products MQ Series and SWIFTNet InterAct. In an online connection (BME-PC), the software specially developed by IBERCLEAR must be used.

Contingency Plan:

The key component of IBERCLEAR’s Contingency Plan has always been the security of participants' information. It ensures that all critical business functions continue in operation, including processing & SWIFT systems and the unit responsible for the entire operation, while causing the least possible impact on participants, with an operating recovery time of 120 minutes.


The IBERCLEAR Contingency Plan is managed by a select group of specialists that form part of an "Emergency Team". This mission of this team is to ensure the total availability of all IBERCLEAR systems.


To ensure the continuity of its processes, IBERCLEAR has installed its operating systems in a secure environment. It also has a real-time mirror backup centre in a different location. In this environment, all processes are replicated and immediately available to be used in real time.

The Contingency Plan, which envisages all possible situations, comes on line when the continuity of processes is lost. In such cases, the system will automatically start up in real time. The change is seamless, thus allowing users to continue their work with the least possible interruption and with no need for a technical intervention.

Keeping you informed

All participants will be promptly informed of any incident or situation that may affect the system through available communication means.

Reliability and Security

The IBERCLEAR Contingency Plan requires the very highest standards. Such standards are described and assured in the Service Level Agreements, where contact persons in IBERCLEAR are provided.

In order to maintain these standards, IBERCLEAR tests its Contingency Plan every six months to certify the normal functioning of its operating systems and to ensure that all personnel possess the necessary qualifications and training to fulfil their obligations.



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