How to become a client

Access for Central Securities Depositories

How to become an IBERCLEAR Participant

The requirements for other CSDs wishing to access IBERCLEAR services are established in

Circular 13/2017 Access of a CSD to Iberclear services - Establishment of links.

Appendix Model Agreement

A CSD aplying for access to Iberclear must produce the corresponding documentation. Once reviewed and after performing a risk assessment, Iberclear shall inform the entity on the acceptance or rejection of its application.

Iberclear shall reply to the request for access within a maximum period of three months.

Once the request has been accepted, technical tests shall be performed to verify compliance with the established requirements.

Forms and contracts for other Central Securities Depositories

The following is the specific documentation IBERCLEAR may request other CSDs applying to become an IBERCLEAR Participant:

  • Request for access to IBERCLEAR
  • IBERCLEAR access questionnaire
  • Collective Agreement, Legal Section/Operational Section
  • Account-opening request in the Central Register F01
  • Request to link accounts F02
  • User request for BME-PC. F19
  • Connectivity Form
  • Specific membership conditions
  • Authorisation for the Central Bank
  • Target 2 Form - Static Data (2002)
  • Test approval certificate
  • List of authorised signatories

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