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Service of Beneficial Owners Identification

Iberclear, offers a range of shareholder and final beneficial owner identification services as well as a specific final beneficiary identification service.  

These service of beneficial owners identification complements the current shareholder identification service. In these cases, the request for information made to Iberclear by the issuers relates to the identification of data on the final beneficiaries. Iberclear will send such requests via its participants, which will forward them to the intermediaries, following the chain of custody. Iberclear will receive the information provided by the intermediaries and forward it to the issuer.

The intermediaries, directly or through an authorised third party, will be able to submit the information on the identity of the final beneficiaries to Iberclear, using the relevant communication channels, including Iberclear Electronic-Office.  The Electronic-Office allows intermediaries to submit the relevant information in an agile and intuitive way, as well as checking the status of procedures and, if necessary, make cancellations.

Service for Issuers: Comunication of ownerships at request

Service of Communication of Beneficial Owners

PR510 - Communication of Ownerships at Request

Identification of Last Beneficial Owners Summary Document

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You can access to the Electronic Office through the following link:   (Production)                                            

You can access to the testing environment of the Electronic Office through the following link:  (Testing)  


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Cash Reconciliation Service

  • Optional service
  • Helps with the reconciliation of entries made in the Dedicated Cash Accounts (DCA) managed by a Central Bank with which Iberclear may have agreed the service in T2S via ISO 15022 messaging.
  • This can also be offered to any Participant -not DCA-owner- which has the express consent of the DCA owner to receive the cash entries information.



The National Registry of Greenhouse Gas Emission Rights is the instrument which ensures the publicity and continual update of the ownership and control of emission rights. This Registry allows an exact count to be made of the issue, ownership, transfer and cancellation of emission rights and the units defined within the scope of the Kyoto Protocol.

The National Registry is attached to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge through the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC) and its management was entrusted to Iberclear by the Council of Ministers held on 19 November 2004, and commenced its activities on 20 June 2005. It operates in accordance with the provisions set forth in the decisions adopted in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol, the Regulation of the European Commission relating to a standardised and secured system national registries provided for in said Protocol, as well as in Law 1/2005 of 9 March, governing the greenhouse gas emission allowance trading system and other applicable legislation.

One of the commitments and fundamental objectives in the management of this Registry consists in offering the technical and human resources necessary so that the industrial facilities comply with their annual obligation to deliver allowances to the Country Adiminsitration for the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions released into the atmosphere during the previous year. The close collaboration between the Registry and local governments, as verifiers of these annual CO2 emissions, and the personalised attention provided by the authorised representatives of the installations through the Iberclear Service Desk, have enabled the annual compliance objectives to be met across Spain.

In mid-2012 a migration process took place from each National Registry to a Single European Union Registry, within which Iberclear continues to perform the functions of National Administrator for the Spanish Section, continuing with its close collaboration with the Spanish Office of Climate Change, the Local Governments and the 2,000 users of the Registry as authorised representatives of the 1,100 open accounts, for installations and airline operators as well as the accounts of natural and/or legal persons. This Registry is accessible to account holders on a permanent basis, via the internet via a private restricted access area.

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