Other Services

Cash Reconciliation Service

  • Optional service
  • Helps with the reconciliation of entries made in the Dedicated Cash Accounts (DCA) managed by a Central Bank with which Iberclear may have agreed the service in T2S via ISO 15022 messaging.
  • This can also be offered to any Participant -not DCA-owner- which has the express consent of the DCA owner to receive the cash entries information.

Tax Claim Service

This service, aimed to all Iberclear's participating entities, including the Central Securities Depositories (CSD) with which Iberclear has established a link, makes it possible to facilitate the claim and refund of excess withholding tax by non-resident investors in Spain on cash distributions (coupon and dividend payments) related to securities in which Iberclear acts as the Issuer Central Securities Depository.

Participant entities may request this refund in the case that their client is a resident of a country with which Spain has signed a double taxation agreement.

The procedure for making such request will vary depending on the type of asset that is the object of the event and based on when the claim is made:

  • Quick Refund, which will be made to the event's agent entity.
  • Standard Tax Reclaim, which will be made to the Tax Agency.


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