For any questions, you can contact the corresponding department in the following telephone numbers:

Switchboard 91 709 5000
Legal 91 709 5110
Administration 91 709 5209 / 5210
Sales & Relationship Management 91 709 5251
Entities 91 709 5936
Custody & Corporate Actions 91 709 5920
Primary & Internal Control 91 709 5934
Cross Border Services (CBS) 91 709 5200
Monitorization and Control (PTI) 91 709 5320
FAX 91 709 5250




In the event that an entity, issuer or user of the services provided by IBERCLEAR may wish to make a complaint regarding the development of its services or the performance of its participant entities, it must refer it in writing to:

         - Entities Department of IBERCLEAR. Plaza de la Lealtad 1, 28014 Madrid; or

         - By e-mail to

The person making the complaint must idetify himself informing, where appropriate, the name of the company to which he belongs. This communication must include the facts and reasons in detail supporting the complaint and all the documentation that may be considered relevant in the procedure and for the resolution of the complaint.

Once the complaint is received, it will be analysed and, if necessary, additional information will be requested from the participants involved in it.

Within a reasonable period of time, which should not exceed two months from receipt of the complaint, IBERCLEAR will provide a reasoned written response.

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