How to become a client

Access for Participants

Article 9 of IBERCLEAR's Rules and Regulations states which legal entities can become a Participant.

How to become an IBERCLEAR Participant

Those legal entities wishing to access IBERCLEAR services must fulfil the requirements established in the following regulation:

The entity applying to access IBERCLEAR must produce the corresponding documentation. 

Once the relevant documentation has been reviewed and after performing a risk assessment, IBERCLEAR shall inform the entity on the acceptance or rejection of its application.

Iberclear shall reply to the request for access within a maximum period of one month.

Once the request has been accepted, technical tests shall be performed to verify compliance with the established requirements.

Forms and contracts for Participants

  • IBERCLEAR access questionnaire
  • Membership Agreement C04/2017. Appendix 2
  • Specific membership conditions C01/2018. Appendix 2a
  • Acceptance of the use of technical resources (or detailed report if relevant) C04/2017. Appendix 2b
  • Acceptance of direct debit in the DCA C04/2017. Appendix 2c
  • Acceptance of direct debit for invoicing in the RTGS account C04/2017. Appendix 2d
  • Request to open auto-collateralisation accounts F18
  • Request to register as Agent Entity F29
  • Account-opening request in the Central Register F01
  • Request to link accounts F02
  • User request for BME-PC. F19
  • Connectivity Form
  • Authorisation to Central Bank
  • Target Services Form
  • Test approval certificate
  • List of authorised signatories

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