Digital Vote for Shareholders Meetings

Iberclear offers Proxy Voting services for Shareholders' Meetings to the various acting parties, from the issuers of General Shareholders' Meetings (AGMs) to those participants with a position, having to manage votes both for their proprietary account and on behalf of their clients, including agent banks of the different issuers and any type of General Shareholders' Meetings service providers. The service is available for both domestic and international securities.

Iberclear offers a digital solution through which the issuer is connected with the participants in order to be able to manage the sending of the vote in an automated way to them. This solution consists of a digital platform facilitating the the right to vote with a flexible approach integrating current voting management processes. Thus, the Iberclear tool generates more agility and efficiency in the process.

The system offers several advantages over current processes:

  • Easing AGM management with a standard messaging format for voting that participants can send to the issuer or its agent bank, both domestic and international.
  • Reduction of physical voting cards through this voting channel..
  • A single interlocutor for all AGM leads to a greater efficiency int this process.
  • Easy platform implementation minimizing technological adaptations by going through a repository to which positions and votes are sent electronically.

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