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Date Location Subject
30/06/2022 Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid Conference "Securities Post-trade Challenges in the Pandemic Recovery Scene"
07/04/2022 On line RENADE: 3th Informative Session
24/02/2022 Salón de actos CECABANK / On line VIII Securities Services Conference - Post-trading opportunities in a sustainable and digital context
11/10/2021 On line Sibos 2021
14/07/2021 On line Deloitte Legal Conference on Business Law
08/04/2021 On line RENADE: 2nd Informative Session
24/03/2021 On line Challenges of the Post-Trade Regulatory Environment
03/11/2020 On line Informative Session: Tax on Financial Transactions
02/10/2019 Palacio de la Bolsa de Madrid I Forum BME LET
23/09/2019 Londres Sibos 2019
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