BME launches its FIA Certification

28 September, 2015
  • It provides its holders with the highest standards in education in Markets and Financial Markets as  well as added technical credibility
  • It enables possesors to  gain professional projection and to better perform their responsibilities and management roles in all areas of the financial market
  • Offering a continuing refreshment course programme featuring activities and conferences as well as national and international projection and connections

BME has created and launched the FIA ​​Certification, a professional accreditation focused on Financial Markets and Products, issued by Instituto BME. The certification provides its holders with added credibility as it is backed by an institution that stands out at world level for the quality of its financial and technical training as well as for granting licences to operate in the Spanish financial markets.

The FIA ​​certification follows the pattern of other existing prestigious certifications in the international financial market as it provides its holders with the highest standards in education in Financial Markets and Products.

To receive the certification candidates must pass an exam given by Instituto BME based on its own programme and lectures and will also publish the necessary books, which it will post on its website to be downloaded by the candidates.

The FIA Accreditation is a symbol of excellence in the technical knowledge of financial products and their practical application in management, risk control and real estate planning. From the point of view of the professional projection, it enables its holders to better perform their responsibilities and management roles in all areas of the financial market.

Additionally, it will offer those interested in it the possibility of attending a continuing refreshment course programme, conferences and sessions aimed at the professional development and ongoing education, as well as networking opportunities and national and international projection through the "Networking 2.0" initiative, implemented by BME Institute and the FIA ​​Community.

The programme will also feature a private platform for job opportunities for all holders of the FIA certification, to which all human resources departments in the major financial firms and recruitment agencies will have access. To access the FIA Accreditation candidates must hold an official degree or diploma and two years’ experience in financial markets.

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