The Spanish stock exchange traded €962.1 billion in 2015, up 8.9% year on year

4 January, 2016
  • The trading volume in December reached €67.5 billion
  • The ETF trading volume in 2015 grew 28.3% to €12.6 billion
  • Activity in the Warrants and Certificates market was up 34%
  • The number of contracts registered in MEFF in December was up 11% year-on-year
  • New issues admitted to trading in the Corporate Debt market totaled €145.8 billion, up 27% on the year



The equity trading volume on the Spanish Stock Exchange in 2015 totalled €962.1 billion, up 8.9% from 2014. In December the trading volume reached €67.5 billion, down 16.3% from a year earlier.

The number of trades in 2015 reached 61.9 million, down 12.6% year on year. In December the number of trades was 4.5 million, down 24% from December 2014.

As for the ETF segment, the trading volume in 2015 totalled €12.6 billion, up 28.3% from 2014. In December the trading volume was €934 million, up 1.2% from the same month in 2014. The total number of trades in ETFs in 2015 reached 173,079, up 50.3% from 2014. The number of trades in December totaled 14,255, up 14.5% from December 2014.

Activity on the Warrants and Certificates market during 2015 reached €1 billion, up 34% from the same period in 2014. In December, the trading volume came in at €64.9 million, down 16% year on year.

Futures and Options

The trading volume in the Derivatives market in December reached 6.8 million contracts, up 11% year-on-year.

In 2015 the trading volume in IBEX 35 Futures was up 6.6% year-on-year, at almost 7.4 million contracts. Trading in IBEX Mini Futures was up 4.8%, with nearly 3.2 million contracts traded. The open interest on IBEX 35 Futures contracts rose 5%.

Trading in Index Options was up 3.4% in December, at 603,157 contracts while activity in Stock Options grew 22.1% in the same period, with over 3.5 million contracts registered. By contrast, in 2015 the trading volume in Stock Options decreased 16%.

Corporate Debt

In 2015 the trading volume on the Corporate Debt market totaled €515 billion, down 53% year on year, while trading in new issues totaled €145.8 billion, up 27% from the same period a year earlier. In December trading reached €26.2 billion.

The trading volume on SEND in 2015 totalled €964.8 million, down 56.4% year-on-year, of which €307 million correspond to Public Debt trading, which grew 11.7% during the year.

Public Debt traded on SENAF, the wholesale electronic Public Debt platform, reached €108.8 billion in 2015, down 3.3% from 2014. In December trading reached €9.6 billion, up 63% from the same period a year earlier.

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