BME forecasts 4% growth in revenues for the next three years

4 October, 2018

Presenting the Strategic Plan during the Investor Day

  • New growth path supported by a solid management model, the strengthening of the business areas and inorganic growth
  • The pillars of the new Plan are diversification and customer focus
  • Redoubles its commitment to offering high profitability and a stable dividend policy for shareholders
  • Aims to become the Spanish market infrastructure provider for financial institutions throughout the entire value chain

BME today presented its three-year Strategic Plan to the market during its first Investor Day, aimed at diversifying its revenues, accelerating growth and maintaining shareholder profitability.

The session began with an address by Antonio Zoido, Chairman of BME, in which he stated that "we are the operators of an infrastructure that facilitates a transparent and credible price discovery for the country’s main assets”.

Javier Hernani, CEO, highlighted in his speech the strengths supporting the company’s Strategic Plan, which will become the corporate new roadmap for the next three years. Hernani highlighted the company’s solid and profitable business model, its close and long-term relationship with clients, its technological efficiency, the talent of its work teams and its brand solidity and awareness. "BME aims to become the Spanish market infrastructure provider for financial institutions throughout the entire value chain”. To this end it will boost the activity of its business areas and explore opportunities for inorganic growth that allow it to diversify and offer the best service to its clients.

Next, Marta Bartolomé, CFO, took the floor, indicating that the new Strategic Plan aims for growth in revenue of 4% per annum until 2021, with a 2% increase in the cost base and a 6% increase in net profit. This growth is based on favourable forecasts of trading volumes and new investment flows channelled to the markets, as well as on the creation of new products and services for clients. "We will carefully study corporate transactions that generate synergies with our 'core business' and allow us to maintain a stable dividend policy for shareholders," she concluded.

Jorge Yzaguirre, Markets Director, focused his presentation on analysing the impact of regulatory changes on the performance of the different markets and the measures adopted by BME to deal with it. "We reviewed fees applied to equities, transformed the fixed income markets and boosted activity in derivatives", stated Yzaguirre. "These measures do not have an immediate impact, but will favour an improvement of activity," he added.

The Heads of Clearing, Settlement & Registration and Market Data & Value Added Services (VAS) units, Ignacio Solloa, Jesús Benito and Ramón Adarraga, respectively, presented their plans for the coming years, based on the creation of new products and services and geographical diversification.

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