Informative Memo 10/2020, of 17th March IBERCLEAR: COVID-19

17 March, 2020

Please note that only the Spanish version of this document produces legal effect. Any translation is provided for commercial purposes only.

In response to the situation caused by COVID-19, we would like to inform you that the BME Group successfully activated its Business Continuity Plan on 10 March, which established certain measures aimed at minimising staff exposure, such as means of remote connection and various alternative geographical locations.

Thus IBERCLEAR, as part of the BME Group, is fully prepared to continue operating all its services as normal and guarantee their correct provision throughout the period that is necessary, as it has been doing since the aforementioned Plan was activated.

Additionally, we inform you that BME is in permanent contact with all the relevant authorities and is constantly monitoring the situation, in order to adapt these measures to the different changes that may occur.

Finally, we remind you of the communication channels to contact IBERCLEAR, Information System (PTY) and Commercial Office are the following:

• By phone: The telephone numbers are the usual ones. Call forwarding have been activated.

• Through email:

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